Rarest pictures ever

1. Elvis Presley during his service in the U.S. Army

2. The real boarding pass for RMS Titanic

3. During the Apollo 16 mission, Charles Duke left a family photo on the moon that was enclosed in a plastic bag.

4. Construction of the Eiffel tower in July, 1888.

​5. The moment George W. Bush was notified of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

​6. Arnold Schwarzenegger on the day he recieved his American citizenship

7. The following photo is believed to be the last photo ever taken of the RMS Titanic before it sunk in April 1912.

8. Martin Luther King Jr. removing a burned cross from his front yard. His son is at his side. Atlanta, GA, 1960.

​9. Microsoft staff. December 7, 1978.

10. Einstein's office at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey, photographed on the day of his death, April 18, 1955.


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