Miraculous Russian Recipe For Hair Loss!!

Homemade mask for hair loss

If you have been worrying looking at your pillow each morning, finding clumps of hair staring at you, we hear your plea, loud and clear. Remember though, there is some hair loss happening everyday, which is normal- 50 to 100 hair strands would fall each day. And as we age, our hair growth tends to slow down. But before we tell you about the Russian recipe for hair loss, let’s take a look at why we suffer from hair loss issues.
  1. Are you eating right?
  2. Are you hydrated enough?
  3. Check the brand of shampoo and conditioner you use?
  4. Chemical composition of hair styling products could be reason enough for hair fall?
  5. Hormonal changes during menses cycles or pregnancy
  6. Emotional and physical stress
  7. Illness and ailments
  8. Medication too strong
  9. Lack of nutrients, collagen and protein in the body
  10. Elements around in the atmosphere and the climes are to be blamed too


On an average, we have more than a million hair strands on our head, some of which fall and some of which grow and stay along until we bid adieu to this world. If you have to put your scalp under the microscope and patiently watch it, you would know it is actively growing each moment. Did you know that the hair strand is the second fastest growing tissue in our bodies? The first being our bone marrow! Back to the hair and before you start out on the miraculous Russian recipe for hair loss, think about the care, conditioning and love you give your hair. Sometimes even if we don’t suffer from ailments, stress or nutritional issues, we may be suffering from hair loss because of lack of care. But fret not because our Russian homemade mask for hair loss is here to rescue you.
Natural Recipe by Russian
Source: alayaexports.com

How Do You Determine Whether You Are Indeed Losing Hair?

A simple test is what will tell you the right from the wrong- whether your hair is thinning or are you damaging it using hair products not conducive or styling the hair too tight! If when you pull the hair strands a little too much, and should the strands come out with the root (a whitish bulb), it means your hair is shedding, or else it would be hair breakage (without the bulb).
It is common to find many women and girls complaining of hair loss and deterioration- blame the lifestyle we lead and the elements or pollution, dirt and grime around we deal with. Commercial and conventional or over the counter hair products that promise to salvage the loss of hair, doesn’t work that well. However, we shall now fix our focus on the DIY Russian recipe for hair loss
Best Russian Recipe For Hair Loss
Source: healthneedscare.com

Save Your Hair Like The Russians Do!

This is a miraculous way to save your hair, reshape your hair follicle and to prevent hair loss all in all. And for this you would need a bunch of carrots- scraped, chopped and pureed. Carrots have plenty of vitamin A in it which is good for your eyes, and beta carotene that converts the vitamin A in our bodies too. The nutrient levels in carrots can help make the hair strong and regenerates the follicles and hair roots too. Moreover, the juice of a carrot when applied to the scalp acts as a cleanser, stimulant and generates younger skin cells on the scalp to grow too.
  1. Grate carrots (2-3)
  2. Pure the grated carrots into a semi-liquid paste
  3. Rub the juice and paste onto your hair roots
  4. Wait for half an hour
  5. While waiting, massage the head and the scalp in clockwise motions first and then anticlockwise motions
  6. Tug a few strands now and then to vibrate the hair follicles and to feed it too
  7. Wear a shower cap and let the twenty minutes pass
  8. After twenty minutes, wash off the paste with cold water
  9. If there are remnants of carrot on your hair, using a blow dryer for five seconds would get them all off the hair.
  10. Watch the bounce and shine your hair would have, and in a month you would notice a cleaner pillow case staring at you.
Best Homemade mask for hair loss
Source: pinterest.com
We hope you loved the Homemade mask for hair loss, and would use it to the fullest too. next time we would want you to write in and let us know your secret anti hair loss recipes, much on the lines of Natural Recipe by Russian women!

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